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Arabinogalactan is a larch tree extract and studies suggest it promotes the healthy function of immune cells.

In these studies, preliminary evidence points to that the compound works by stimulating the activity of macrophages and other white blood cells that play a key role in maintaining the body’s natural immune defense system.

The compound itself is a polysaccharide that is made up of galactose and arabinose sugar units linked together in a ratio of 6 galactose units to 1 arabinose unit.

The compound also acts as a food supply for so called "friendly" bacteria, in that it helps to increase levels of "good" bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, while eliminating "bad" bacteria.

In foods and herbs, the compound is found naturally in echinacea, carrots, radishes, pears, wheat, red wine, and tomatoes. There are also many supplements available that contain the compound.

Arabinogalactan - Studies

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